Re: Best Practice for Renaming OWL Vocabulary Elements

Hi Antoine:

>> entClass foo:LongClassName
>> . rdfs:label "NewClassName (Note: This was foo:LongClassName
>> previously)" .
> The label should be "NewClassName" (or even "New Class Name"@en) and the note should rather be in a rdfs:comment.
> foo:NewClassName rdfs:label "New Class Name"@en;
>                 rdfs:comment "This was foo:LongClassName previously. foo:LongClassName is now deprecated and foo:NewClassName should be used instead."@en .

Yes, that is how I actually do it, but I wanted to use just one textprop in the example.

>> c) Since the owl:deprecated property is not defined in OWL1, I would
>> also add the following axiom in order to remain within OWL 1 DL: #OWL
>> 1 DL compatibility of the OWL2 deprecated property owl:deprecated a
>> owl:AnnotationProperty.
> You can also add:
> foo:LongClassName a owl:DeprecatedClass .
> foo:LongPropertyName1 a owl:DeprecatedProperty .
> which are defined in OWL 1 and 2.

The Manchester OWL 2 validator says your ontology is OWL 2 Full if you use owl:DeprecatedClass (or owl:DeprecatedProperty, I don't remember).
The Annotation property way is much better for our tools, anyway.


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Received on Thursday, 21 April 2011 13:31:46 UTC