RE: How to find a proper ontology for my classes and properties?

Hey Yury,

You may also want to try Falcons Ontology Search:

or Falcons Concept Search:


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>Subject: How to find a proper ontology for my classes and properties?
>Hello everyone! 
>I have 2 questions about rdf data. 
>1. Suppose I started describing something in triples and I want to use a
property 'hasOwner'. I understand that it's much better to use this property
from one of the existing ontologies rather than use property from my own
>The question is: what is the easyest and the most right way to search for
this property? I know, there is Swoogle and sometimes it helps me with that.
I wonder if there is something better that fulltext search.
>2. Suppose I face the dataset I never use before. What do you usually do
first to get a first impression about the dataset? At the moment I first
make some SPARQL queries to this dataset, such as: 
>select COUNT(?x) WHERE 
>?x a ?z .
>than I use Marbles or to surf randomly over this data and finally I
come up with a opinion where I need data from the dataset or not. 
>Again, what do you usually do? Is there a tools or useful queries that can
help Semantic Web user in browsing data and getting useful info about
>Thank you in advance! 
>Yury Katkov

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