Re: How to find a proper ontology for my classes and properties?


On 10/30/2010 04:40 PM, Juriy Katkov wrote:
> 1. Suppose I started describing something in triples and I want to use a
> property 'hasOwner'. I understand that it's much better to use this
> property from one of the existing ontologies rather than use property
> from my own namespace.
> The question is: what is the easyest and the most right way to search
> for this property? I know, there is Swoogle and sometimes it helps me
> with that. I wonder if there is something better that fulltext search.

VisiNav has some relevant data.  First, perform a keyword search
(e.g. "owner").  Second, restrict (via drag-and-drop) to results
of type Property.  Voila [1].

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