Re: PUBLINK Linked Data Consultancy

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 1:00 PM, Michael Schneider <> wrote:
> Sören Auer wrote:
>>PS: Please also keep in mind that PUBLINK is very limited (max. 3-5 data
>>owning organizations) and ca. 10 man days of support for each.
> I think those numbers are the really important bits. I have seen EU projects
> where there were plans to perform really huge field studies. I would
> consider this a problem in this case (not only for existing startups, but
> also for the project consortium :)). But 3-5 organizations sounds fair to me
> and will probably not lead to much conflict with existing companies. Whether
> 10 man days will be sufficient is a different question... :)

While, I welcome more  free assistance to linked data adoption, I
think this would be most effective if it were targetted towards
organisations that do not have existing funds to pay for training and
consultancy. At Talis we have encountered several in that situation
and while we help where we can we do have to earn an income. EU funded
help would be perfect for these organisations. Targetting
organisations that would otherwise buy from a commercial company just
undermines a nascent market.


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