Re: PUBLINK Linked Data Consultancy

On 07.10.2010 9:57, Dave Reynolds wrote:
>> Insofar PUBLINK rather clears the way for commercial linked data service
>> providers.
> But is not working with any breadth of such providers.
> I share Georgi's reservations, seems like an odd direction for EU
> framework projects to take.

Its not really a fundamental change of direction, our main focus is 
research but we also want to evaluate our results on real data and give 
something back to the citizens, which is why we aim to get in touch 
with data owners of high public interest and help them a little to move 
in the right (i.e. LOD) direction ;-)

If commercial linked data service providers beyond LOD2/LATC consortia, 
want to get involved in PUBLINK we are more than happy about that. Let 
me know if you have suggestions how this could be implemented best.


PS: Please also keep in mind that PUBLINK is very limited (max. 3-5 data 
owning organizations) and ca. 10 man days of support for each.

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