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Re: Tool for visually creating an ontology?

From: Enrico Franconi <franconi@inf.unibz.it>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2010 00:43:05 +0200
Cc: <semantic-web@w3.org>
Message-Id: <6CB0EB7F-F33D-46B4-AEDB-278D9A6C6FB9@inf.unibz.it>
To: Elmar P. Wach <wach@elmarpwach.com>
We are on the way to release ICOM 3, the latest reincarnation an old proof of concept which evolved in the last 13 years or so.
ICOM is an advanced conceptual modelling tool, which allows the user to design multiple ER or UML class diagrams with inter- and intra-model constraints, expressed in a rich view but usable language similar to OCL and relational algebra (based on a very expressive description logic). 
It is the first time I'm advertising the new version - still in beta; I'd be happy to get comments.


P. R. Fillottrani, E. Franconi, S. Tessaris. The ICOM 3.0 Intelligent Conceptual Modelling tool and methodology. White Paper, KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data (2010), Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

On 4 Oct 2010, at 10:46, Elmar P. Wach wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> For easier creating an ontology, a tool based on a visual creation process would be very helpful (i.e. drawing boxes/ concepts and so on, and OWL gets generated automatically). Does somebody of you know such a tool (maybe a Protégé plugin)?
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Best regards
> Elmar P. Wach

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