Re: Enquire - WWW - Semantic Desktop/PersonalDataWiki? do you agree?

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 06:03:06AM -0600, Juan Sequeda wrote:
> Now I'm curious... who else on this list is starting, or working for a
> startup. And by startup I mean a small team (aprox 10 or less) who is
> bootstrapping or just got series A of funding.

Hi there :)

I founded ten years ago. Lost time looking for
funding. Did not get it, so got to work. Tried to develop something
useful based on my understanding of the semweb vision and experience
of loosing time daily doing stuff that my computer should be doing for
me. Tried to grow the company, doing other things when necessary, to
make sure I would have enough cash to fuel the development of that
piece of software named Used that same piece
of software everywhere in the company to make sure we would eat our
own dogfood and offer to clients something we had an interest in using
ourselves. Etc.

Leo, Stephen, does that story sound familiar already? :)

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