Re: Enquire - WWW - Semantic Desktop/PersonalDataWiki? do you agree?

Right, actually I am not dishearted, It is  a nice Job to pitch Gnowsis. 
Also, we have good feedback from customers who can now link emails to other things. 

Historically there is a chain of memex/xanadu/enquire/web. 
Part of the reason I wrote this mail is because I see a pattern here leading to personal semantic web. I am curious  whether this pattern is also seen by others. 

I don't plan to tell these things to investors, its rather an understanding I need for myself. So ... calling for the elders. 

Cheers from the business angel day austria. :-)

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Am 18.11.2010 um 10:36 schrieb Nathan <>:

> Hi Leo!
> You sound disheartened, don't be :) Remember it's all about the link, the web is only a web because it's got links, twitter rose to greatness on the back of the typed link, you make one small link relation between you and another person, and look what it enables. Some have let people both read and write /and/ make links, like wikipedia and blogs, and look how that worked out! Other companies have software which make links between words and pages, like google, and look what that enables!
> And now you and Bernhard have brought the power of the link to peoples personal information on their desktop, with software that can make the links for you, look what that enables :)
> It's all right here:
> And the futures exciting:
> Especially when it's mapped out:
> And when the path has been known for so long:
> when the way is known:
> and look what it enables:
> It's great to see what you're doing Leo, and Bernhard, and even better to know that you can see the web for what it is, enquire++.
> Keep up the good work :)
> Nathan
> Leo Sauermann wrote:
>> Dear Tim,
>> My Current Task is somehow tricky:
>> I am pitching our company Gnowsis to investors. It makes an Enquire-Like
>> Semantic Desktop, a personal semantic web. It seems investors
>> only understand anything on the level of "we do twitter for dogs" or "it
>> sells crowdsourced clothes via mobile phones".
>> So Tim, as Elder of the Web, I turn to you for an expert opinion to
>> reassure we do a useful thing.
>> Here are the Statements I patch together from "weaving the web" etc.:
>> Enquire - linking everything bidirectionally is an
>> entire new way of writing.
>> I guess you also realized that the system changes the way you look at
>> things and your
>> thinking.
>> WWW - give everyone a tool (read/write) web that everyone
>> can publish information. The links are first unidirectional and untyped
>> and will be typed
>> "later", once the RDF riddle was solved in 1999.
>> SemanticDesktop/PersonalDataWikis/PersonalSemanticWeb - we finally give
>> the peoples the
>> Enquire that Tim already used in the distant and mysterious past.
>> The first distributable results are NEPOMUK-KDE, PesonalDataWikis,
>> Personal Data Lockers, and services around this idea of personal
>> semantic web services for personal information management.
>> The question:
>> Tim,
>> Is this THE idea?
>> Do you agree this is a sensible thing to do?
>> If yes, then my argumentation to investors and to myself is:
>> "TimBl basically inventend blogging, wikipedia, and twitter with the
>> idea of a read/write WWW, which it originally always included. You can
>> trust that guy to be clever. You can also be assured this was around
>> before, some ideas for millenia, some since Memex.
>> Now Gnowsis works to realize the proto-idea - Enquire. There must be
>> something going on here. Dear Investors, look at it, spend some time
>> understanding what happens here with technology and then invest."
>> Sometimes I feel like Frodo and together with Bernhard "Sam" Schandl we
>> go alone to Mount Doom ("Microsoft Outlook") to finally throw the Ring
>> of RDF into its center, to crack it open to the web. Then I see you guys
>> over at the Minas Tirith of LinkedOpenData and and the battles
>> Martin Hepp fights with GoodRelations and ... there is hope :-)
>> ok, looking for interesting answers
>> best
>> Leo Sauermann, Dr.
>> CEO and Founder
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