Re: [foaf-dev] EON - event of note

Dear Toby, Kjetil,

> There are legitimate use cases for it. OWL Time models instants and
> periods of time as non-literals to allow relationships to be drawn
> between them, and for them to be annotated in detail.
> e.g.
> 	[ a owltime:Instant ] :before [ a owltime:Instant ] .
> If literals were being used, RDF's non-literal-subject restriction
> would not allow such a statement to be used.


> However, this complexity is overkill for most use cases. And that's why
> I want to start a new event vocabulary from scratch - well, by
> subclassing existing event vocabularies - something dead easy to embed
> in web pages as RDFa, but that covers most use cases.

But then, it is better to just add this missing property you're looking 
for (and actually, I'm thinking to add it in LODE) but I don't see the 
reason why you want to create new classes and properties for all the 
rest (event, location, etc.)


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