Re: [foaf-dev] EON - event of note

On Sun, 7 Nov 2010 13:26:15 +0100
"Michael Schneider" <> wrote:

> For your information, the term "EON" is also used as the acronym of
> the "International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontology-based Tools",
> an (almost-) yearly event that exists since 2002. See [1] for the
> proceedings of the first EON workshop. It would probably not be
> advisable to reuse the acronym for something else in the Semantic Web
> context.

I'm aware of it, but thought that confusion between them would likely
be minimal. What do other people think?

If others think confusion is likely, I have a backup name: the Event
Representation Argot. :-)

Toby A Inkster

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