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Hi Toby!

For your information, the term "EON" is also used as the acronym of the
"International Workshop on Evaluation of Ontology-based Tools", an (almost-)
yearly event that exists since 2002. See [1] for the proceedings of the
first EON workshop. It would probably not be advisable to reuse the acronym
for something else in the Semantic Web context.



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>Let's do a bit of collaborative work to flesh out a FOAF-like
>lightweight vocabulary for describing events, suitable for embedding in
>RDFa to describe concerts, conferences, birthdays, anniversaries,
>national holidays and so on.
>Sure, we have the iCalendar RDF vocab, but I've come to the conclusion
>that that's more suited to representing calendar entries - not the
>events themselves.
>I'm thinking of a simple set of extensions for Yves Raimond's Event
>Let's kickstart this with the class eon:Event which would be a trivial
>subclass of <>.
>Here's a sketch of how an event might look in Turtle:
>	<#this>
>		a eon:Event ;
>		foaf:name "Lewes Bonfire" ;
>		foaf:page <> ;
>		eon:date "2010-11-05"^^xsd:date ;
>		eon:location [
>			foaf:name "Lewes" ;
>			foaf:page wikipedia:Lewes
>			] .
>Properties that I think should be included:
>* eon:start and eon:end - which can be xsd:dateTime or xsd:date (if the
>  latter, then the event starts/ends at an unspecified time on that day)
>* eon:date - a subproperty of both eon:start and eon:end with range
>  xsd:date.
>* eon:location - range geo:SpatialThing
>Probably need an attendee property and an organizer/participant
>property. Maybe eon:cost, eon:details, eon:bookings.
>I've placed a sketch on my data wiki <>. Feel
>free to edit; and add yourself as a foaf:maker if you do!
>Toby A Inkster

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