Re: RDF URI References

* Nathan wrote:
>However, if you take a look at the URI spec RFC 3986, you'll see that 
>"an absolute URI with an optional fragment identifier" is the very 
>definition of 'URI' and not 'URI Reference'.
>   URI         = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ]
>So, why are we all saying URI Reference, and talking about URI 
>References when in fact we mean 'URI, not URI-Reference'?

First, note that "RDF URI Reference" is a term on its own and is not
equivalent to "URI Reference". As for "URI" versus "URI Reference",
RFC 3986 was published in 2005, while the RDF specfication is from
2004 and references RFC 2396 where the terminology is somewhere be-
tween different and unclear in this regard. RFC 3986 discusses some
of the differences.
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