ISWC 2010 metadata is online

Dear SWer and LODers

ISWC2010 is around the corner and we are very excited about the coming week!

As in previous years, ISWC 2010 provides its basic metadata in RDF.
The dataset gives details about authors, organizers, papers, events
(e.g., sessions and talks), and some mappings to other linked data.
The data is freely available at, and can be
downloaded as a single RDF file. There is a SPARQL endpoint [1] for
this dataset, as well as for some previous ISWC/ESWC/WWW conferences.
For more details about access, please refer [2].

You may view/use the data in many different ways. Any RDF-aware
application should be able to access it, e.g., browsing [3][4]. If you
use an IPhone/IPad/IPod/Android or Chrome/Safari, you can also look at
a mobile browser at [5] (provided by Alvaro Graves, RPI).
Please also note that this year almost all pages on the ISWC 2010
website have some RDFa annotations that you can distill with, e.g., by
[6]. We are also working on other user interfaces and additional data,
e.g.,about workshops.

An initial list of tools, apps and visualizations for the ISWC 2010
metadata is on the W3C SW Wiki:

Free feel to expand the list if you know other tools that can work
with the dataset, or have developed mashup, visualization or any other
apps based on the dataset.

Please let me know if you notice missing information or errors in the
dataset, or have any suggestion to improve the dataset.

The dataset is made possible by the work of the ISWC 2010 Metadata
Committee and help from many members of the SW and LOD community. I
would like to thank all of you who supported this work in one way or

I wish you will have fun playing with the data, as well as
participating the conference, either onsite or remotely!



Received on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 18:17:23 UTC