Re: How to find a proper ontology for my classes and properties?

Juriy, all,

Le 30/10/2010 16:40, Juriy Katkov a écrit :
> Hello everyone!
> I have 2 questions about rdf data.
> 1. Suppose I started describing something in triples and I want to use a
> property 'hasOwner'. I understand that it's much better to use this property
> from one of the existing ontologies rather than use property from my own
> namespace.
> The question is: what is the easyest and the most right way to search for
> this property? I know, there is Swoogle and sometimes it helps me with that.
> I wonder if there is something better that fulltext search.

Considering that there are several ways to do that, I'm trying to gather 
links to existing tools, search engines, repositories, forums, mailing 
lists and editors, etc. on one web page [1] to avoid repetition of 
multiple emails, each containing one link to an individual service.
It's a public wiki page, so if someone feels like updating it, he or 
she's welcome.
The idea is to offer pathes for the data publishers towards the terms 
they need, be they reused terms from existing ontologies or terms minted 
by the publishers themselves.


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