fractal resolvability dimension

using the ontologies listed @

 (code @

and, rapper -o ntriples

only 259 of 419 or 61.8% of ontology URIs are resulting in triples

i have a few questions then:

* is there anything better than Rapper for finding triples? i am operating uunder the assumption that if its guess/conneg magic cant find any, you could do better on your side

* is there another list besides that is perhaps more up to date and resolvable?

* is there any interest in a convention to return from one server information orignially from another

eg, a daemon supports @ or / as a prefix:

 or without the @

also, most of the onto searches mentioned arnet doingenuf wrt stemming and ripping up camelcase, eg 'owns' not finding 'owner' predicates

i use  /[A-Z]+(?=\b|[A-Z][a-z])|[A-Z]?[a-z]+/ on the URIs

Received on Monday, 1 November 2010 18:15:35 UTC