Re: swig telecons?

> If we started having regular Semantic Web Interest Group telecons, would
> you attend?   What would you expect/hope to get out of it?

Personally, I don't think telecons are the most productive way to
collaborate. Too much time is spent on administrivia and deciding whose
turn it is to speak next.

What I'd rather see is scheduled IRC chats on #swig (which is already a
fairly active channel). A topic could be circulated on this mailing list a
week in advance, then we'd turn up on IRC at the scheduled start time.
There would be no scheduled finish time - the discussion would continue
until either the problem was solved, or everyone was sufficiently bored
with the topic at hand.

Chat topics should be a nice mix of the theoretical and practical. It
would be nice to have outcomes like "OK, my company will release our
library that does this funky thing as open source" or "OK, I'll get one of
my students to work on plugging RDFa output into this web app".


Received on Wednesday, 31 March 2010 09:53:57 UTC