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Le 29 mars 2010 à 19:39, a écrit :
> I'd love UX designers to work with me!


> But that is unlikely to happen soon.

tss tss ;)
Are you interested by having foaf+ssl looking better?
If efforts are put into a design, will you put it in place?

> So my strategy is to do the opposite:
> take a web service that allready has excellent UX designers and:
>  - add rdfa to the profile document
>  - add a "create WebId" button
>  - make it possible to logon to the site in one click

+1000 but that means that we have been able to convince people with sexy web sites ;)
And without good looking materials, we're back at the start.

Good looking Web sites are not only for Mr/Ms Smith.

> Everytime we add a new site, we convince more people. It is getting easier all the time.


> My labor is free for the next 6months. What cool open source web service do you think would most benefit from having foaf+ssl added on? 

Maybe you should try to propose something to Mozilla Labs and/or Drumbeat Projects

Does it have to be opensource only?

> Distributed social networks is the story. Owning your information. Being in charge ofyour life. Removing big brother from your life. We don't have to live in 1984!

Though we do not live that much in 1984.
It is a lot more like The Brave New World.
Which is even scarier.

ps: btw, I'm always amazed (in a good way) at the will and dynamism of the Linked Data/Semantic Web community. 

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada

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