AW: AW: Visual exploration of linked data with the Information Workbench and Microsoft Pivot

> Peter,
> Are you able to implement a pattern similar to RelFinder where the
> SPARQL endpoints are configurable? We also do something similar re. our
> iSPARQL tool (i.e., have a list of known endpoints but leave the user
> with option to add others).
> I've played around extensively with Pivot (your stuff and ours), so I
> am
> very interested in a loosely coupled solution.

Yes, in our system one can define ad hoc federations across multiple SPARQL
However, the performance in such a loosely coupled scenario is - not
surprisingly - orders of magnitude worse than in a centralized scenario,
especially when the queries involve joins across multiple SPARQL endpoints.
We are working on improving this situations as well ;-)


Received on Friday, 26 March 2010 21:13:35 UTC