Major change to a SIOC term: User is now called UserAccount


As per recent discussions on the SIOC developers mailing list and
requests from many parties requesting clarification of the term
sioc:User (which has oft been confused with foaf:Person), we are happy
to announce that the new term sioc:UserAccount  has been added to the
ontology in replacement of the now-deprecated sioc:User term (in
revision 1.35 of the SIOC ontology).

The SIOC specification has been updated accordingly, and knock-on
effects to SIOC modules have been corrected.

*We would ask all application maintainers to update your code to
reflect this change, i.e., replace User with the new term

We have updated the various figures showing the connections internally
between SIOC terms, and also between SIOC, FOAF and SKOS.

Please discuss this change on this thread.


Received on Thursday, 25 March 2010 11:37:20 UTC