Re: RDF Syntaxes 2.0

On 08/03/2010 3:48 PM, David Booth wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-01-25 at 08:23 -0800, Dave Beckett wrote:
> [discussion of updating Turtle to handle quads / named graphs]
>> I was more thinking of allowing something like
>> <s>  <p>  <o>  <g>  .
> Is there a reason why the graph URI would be the last element of the
> tuple, rather than the *first*?
>   <g>  <s>  <p>  <o>  .
> As the first element:
>   - the graph URI would bemore like high order bits, so simple text
> sorting of a quad file would group all quads of the named graph
> together; and
>   - the graph URI would be easier to strip off when converting the quads
> back to triples, because one could simply strip everything through the
> first space on each line -- a very easy sed script.

I find it easiser to think of quads as GSPO but the n-quads format 
putting it last means its more naturally optional.  When absent, the 
line is describing a triple for the default graph for an RDF dataset.

<s>  <p>  <o>  <g>  .
<s>  <p>  <o>  .

That could be done by counting elements but having all the subjects in 
the subject column makes sense as well.


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