#DanFest for Dan Connolly Wed July 14th

anyone going to play the guitar for Dan?

Tim Berners-Lee writes:
 > Assorted folks,
 > As you may know, recently Dan Connolly left the W3C team after very many years of 
 > invaluable service to the web community.  Following an idea of Bijan's, we will have a distributed #DanFest.
 > 	Date: Wednesday July 14
 > 	Time: 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.
 > The idea is that people all over the place dine in celebration of Dan's many accomplishments while at W3C.
 > Then, half an hour after the official start of the meal,
 > 	Time: 7:30 Central, 8:30 pm Eastern:    we toast Dan simultaneously.   <------
 > We may try to Videoskype Dan in to the team near MIT.
 > We realize people in different timezones will not be able to dine at the same time, so eating is a timezone-sepcific thing. Those in France, please set of fireworks to mark the occasion.
 > Tweets should be sent at the time, and of course can point to other things.
 > DanC is connollydwc on twitter. 
 > Twitter hashtag is #danfest.
 > Tim

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