#DanFest for Dan Connolly Wed July 14th

Assorted folks,

As you may know, recently Dan Connolly left the W3C team after very many years of 
invaluable service to the web community.  Following an idea of Bijan's, we will have a distributed #DanFest.

	Date: Wednesday July 14
	Time: 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.

The idea is that people all over the place dine in celebration of Dan's many accomplishments while at W3C.

Then, half an hour after the official start of the meal,

	Time: 7:30 Central, 8:30 pm Eastern:    we toast Dan simultaneously.   <------

We may try to Videoskype Dan in to the team near MIT.

We realize people in different timezones will not be able to dine at the same time, so eating is a timezone-sepcific thing. Those in France, please set of fireworks to mark the occasion.

Tweets should be sent at the time, and of course can point to other things.
DanC is connollydwc on twitter. 
Twitter hashtag is #danfest.


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