RDF Scoping Mechanism

Pat Hayes wrote:
> It wouldn't take very much to make into full first-order logic: all it 
> needs is a scoping mechanism (think graph literals in N3 or named 
> graphs, or my 'surfaces' idea from the Blogic talk) and negation. Mind 
> you, that scoping mechanism would drive a truck through 
> triple-store-based implementations, I suspect. Back to tree structures 
> and Sexpressions, no doubt :-)

Obvious question, regardless of implementations, is there any chance of 
getting that scoping mechanism in to RDF through W3C to rec?

Any rough ideas how long that process may take? (I'm assuming the RDF 
Semantics are bug-less and this would just be an addition).

My logic here is that if other serializations or even something N3-like 
were to go through standardization, then work would probably have to 
start on getting said scoping mech in to RDF sooner rather than later.



Received on Friday, 2 July 2010 17:40:18 UTC