Re: Show me the money - (was Subjects as Literals)

Jiří Procházka wrote:
> On 07/01/2010 09:11 PM, Henry Story wrote:
>> On 1 Jul 2010, at 21:03, Tim Finin wrote:
>>> On 7/1/10 2:51 PM, Henry Story wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> So just as a matter of interest, imagine a new syntax came along that allowed literals in
>>>> subject position, could you not write a serialiser for it that turned
>>>>    "123" length 3 .
>>>> Into
>>>>  _:b owl:sameAs "123";
>>>>      length 3.
>>>> ?
>>>> So that really you'd have to do no work at all?
>>>> Just wondering....
>>> Isn't owl:sameAs defined to be a relation between two
>>> URI references?  
>> Not sure.
> It is, this won't work under OWL DL... In OWL Full if I think it will.
> I asked about this recently on this list...

It's fine in RDF(S) and OWL Full, not OWL DL where it relates two object 

(thanks to Michael Schneider for clarifying that to me many times as i 
kept making the same mistake over and over ;)!



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