Re: CURIEs in Turtle

Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> * Toby Inkster <> [2010-02-03 15:44-0000]
>>> It also might be worth starting to consider whether to align the terminals
>>> (qnames) more with sparql first.
>> Or perhaps align both with CURIEs <> ?

I read

Host languages MAY define additional constraints on these syntax rules 
when CURIES are used in the context of those host languages. Host 
languages MUST NOT relax the constraints defined this specification.


which seems to suggest that within Turtle one might want to consider how 
to disallow

?s?o:n1.?s2?p2:n2 as a single CURIE

or maybe not

I think it is reasonable to require user to add a single WS as in

?s?o:n1. ?s2?p2:n2 

then to require reading the . as punctuation, so that the first curie is :n1 and the second is :n2


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