Re: mapping from Turtle grammar to RDF graph

* Dave Beckett <> [2010-02-02 07:54-0800]
> Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> > Peter, all, anyone interested in debugging a mapping from a turtle
> > grammar to triple production rules?
> >⋈
> > 
> > I still need to stick encoding issues in there (like \"),
> > but this should serve as a start.
> I'm interested and it seems the right direction but I'm finding this a
> little hard to understand.

I'm certainly sympathetic to that. Any ideas gratefully investigated.

>                              I'd hope that we can get out a strong
> mapping (like this) which is sufficiently formal that it addresses the
> concerns Peter raised in 2008 [1]

yeah, that's what motivated this. pfps outlines a recipe and i need to
test my recipe against his. his target is ntriples, while i prefer to
map to RDF terms and count on the ntriples spec to turn escaped URIs
into IRIs.

> It also might be worth starting to consider whether to align the terminals
> (qnames) more with sparql first.

the productions ref'd in⋈ are
from a yacker mockup of "TurtleS" (Turtle using SPARQL terminals and
productions, where applicable). it may still be too liberal -- needs
some thought and testing against bad-\d\d.ttl.

> Dave
> [1]
> via my Turtle issue list

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