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Hi Pierre,

I've seen the same kind of questions as yours repeated again and again, 
and the same kind of answers repeated as well.
I tried to gather those answers into a document [1] on a wiki where I 
put together all the methods I could find for finding the right 
vocabularies or terms.

Eventually, I hope that I'll be able to define a process or methodology 
for helping data publishers to get to the terms they need. I also hope 
this may look interesting to others and that they will give me a hand to 
complete the little survey I started.



Le 06/08/2010 15:46, shreekant bohra a écrit :
> An Ontology search engine
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 2:55 PM, Pierre-Yves<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am fairly new to the semantic web technology and I am trying to create
>> my first rdf file.
>> I am trying to describe the project I am working on. This project is
>> basically a web-based database front end with some visualization tool
>> attached. This project has three instances which I of course would like
>> to describe as well.
>> At the moment I have been using the doap ontology [1] to define my
>> project, I though I could you the same 'project' property to defined the
>> deployed instances but I have been advised on irc (#swig) not to do so
>> but rather to try to define them as 'deployedInstance' or something
>> similar (I was told that 'isInstanceOf' might not be the best choice).
>> Now I am trying to find an ontology which would have this property.
>> My question is therefore, what is the best way to find an ontology ? Is
>> there a website which list the known semantic ontology and their
>> properties and would allow to search for one ?
>> Of course I would be happy if someone has an idea on an ontology which
>> already has this property defined.
>> Best regards,
>> Pierre
>> [1]

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