Research Scholarship for project FolkPeers – Folksonomies in P2P Systems

* Project FolkPeers – Folksonomies in P2P Systems*
* Research Scholarship *

Applications for Research Scholarships in project FolkPeers – Folksonomies in
P2P Systems are now open.

     The goal of the FolkPeers project is to develop a user-oriented social
content management application, in the area of ontologies. In particular, the 
project aims to develop an ontology library (using P2P technology) that allows 
users to store, share, search, organize, discover, and classify ontologies.

     Each researcher will work on one of the following tasks:

* building a P2P ontology library - we will investigate how to build an 
ontology library on top of a P2P system, allowing for sharing and searching of 
ontologies. Ontologies can also be tagged either by their creators, people who 
share it, users.

* tag suggestion for ontologies - we will investigate how to suggest 
appropriate tags for an ontology that is going to be made available in an 
ontology library

* context navigation and search in ontology libraries - we will investigate
how to keep track of the context of a search query for given resource in a 
social content management system. For instance, users searching in Flickr, 
often loose track of the initial query and have do multiple backs to explore 
another possible branch.

* relation analysis in social tagging systems - we will investigate whether
the forms of relationship vary according to the social content management 
system, Flickr, Utube, Hi5, Digg, Facebook, Bibsonomy,, etc.
* improving search engines with knowledge.

     Each scholarship has a duration of 6 months, beginning on the 1 st of 
January, 2010 and can be extended. All work will take place at the INESC-ID 
research facilities.

     The FolkPeers project is supervised by professor Helena Sofia Pinto,
assistant professor at the Department of Computer Engineering of the Instituto 
Superior Tecnico (main researcher), and professor Pavel Calado, assistant
professor at the Department of Computer Engineering of the Instituto Superior
Tecnico (researcher).

     Applicants should have B.Sc. or M.Sc. in the area of Computer Science and
Engineering. Individuals with good knowledge in P2P systems and/or ontologies 
and with good programming skills will be appraised. Additionally, candidates 
should have personal motivation, initiative, autonomy, and ability to work 
within a team.

     Applications are open until the 15th of December, 2010. Applicants should
send their questions, Curriculum vitae and/or a declaration of interest in the 
position to:

Professor Helena Sofia Pinto
Av. Alves Redol
1000-029 Lisboa
tel: + 351 21 3100388

Professor Pavel Calado
Av. Professor Cavaco Silva
2780-990 Porto Salvo
tel: + 351 21 423 3546

Pável Calado INESC-ID

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