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On Nov 2, 2009, at 5:12 AM, Damian Steer wrote:

> On 1 Nov 2009, at 17:51, Sandro Hawke wrote:
>> So, what should W3C standardize next in the area of RDF, if anything?
>> OWL 2 added a bunch of stuff to OWL that users wanted and  
>> implementors
>> were willing to tackle.  Are there things like that around RDF?
>> My own answer is in a recent blog post:
>> What's yours?
> I did a quick talk at TPAC last year:

Do you have slides/text available?
> * Deprecate RDF reification. Issue warnings, write document to  
> explain problems.
> * Deprecate collections (Alt, Bag, Seq). See above.
> * Serialise all graphs. Let rdf/xml use property URI:
> <rdf:rel rdf:prop=””>Damian Steer</ 
> rdf:rel>
> * Serialise named graphs (although I'm not super keen in general):
> * Simple envelope: <document name="foo" type="application/ 
> turtle">...</document>
> * Sparql GSPO to dump datasets
> * etc
> * Deprecate rdf:id. Make about and resource synonyms.
> * Make bnode unlabelled, rather than existentially quantified var.

Hmm, not at all obvious to me what this distinction amounts to.  
Unlabelled *is* existentially quantified, to all semantic purposes.  
Unfortunately, RIF has muddied this water by putting in meaningless  

> * Prefixes: warn if some standard set not 'correct'. Have 'grab all'  
> namespace.
> * Lang _and_ type. Reason for exclusivity lost in mists of time.
> * Simple rule language. Not sure RIF has delivered that?
> * Literals as subjects. Not that useful, SPARQL allows it.
> * Bnodes as predicates. See above. Does SPARQL allow it?
> * RDF/XML inverse properties. Make writing more pleasant.
> * Equivalence relations. Seems like every use of sameAs is incorrect.
> I also liked Pat's keynote as ISWC. Alas, he didn't have much to say  
> on the last issue.

There wasn't time. I'll tweet when Ive got the slides on that topic  
posted, hopefully soon. In brief: there are at least 4 distinct  
notions of same-but-not-sameAs Ive managed to identify so far, and Im  
sure there will be more. Bottom line: no single solution will work, so  
no RDF2 magic bullet. But Im sure we can do something useful.

+1 on everything else in your list.


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