Re: RDF 2 Wishlist

Laurens Holst wrote:
> - RDF templates
> What I think RDF could benefit from a lot is a templating language like 
> XSLT (‘RDF-T’?). A standardised means to transform data from an RDF 
> source to XML and (X)HTML would be very useful I think, a very common 
> use case, and right now there isn’t really anything to do that. This 
> could be something based on XSLT with a RDF replacement for XPath 
> (RPath?), you could even mix RDF with XML data sources. XSLT is a nice 
> functional language, has good mindshare, and a lot of standardising work 
> already done.
> Or it could be something new, maybe . I myself made some (very simple) 
> RDF templating thing a couple of years ago, loosely based on the RDF 
> templating in Mozilla’s code base, I attached an example. It contains 4 
> different templates, which loop over a set of nodes provided to it.

There is Tal4RDF [1], there's Ian's RDF Template Language [2] and for my thesis I wrote something to combine Sesame graphs with FreeMarker templates.
There are also a couple of path syntaxes around [3] out of which I found [4] most convincing. And I agree that having (at least) a standardised RDF path language would be very nice. I'm not too keen on something XSLT-like for templates though, I'd prefer just having a path syntax and combining that with various existing template systems.



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