Re: RDF 2 Wishlist

Le 02/11/2009 13:08, Laurens Holst a écrit :
> Sandro Hawke wrote:
>> So, what should W3C standardize next in the area of RDF, if anything?
> Two suggestions:
> - RDF templates
> What I think RDF could benefit from a lot is a templating language like
> XSLT (‘RDF-T’?). A standardised means to transform data from an RDF
> source to XML and (X)HTML would be very useful I think, a very common
> use case, and right now there isn’t really anything to do that. This
> could be something based on XSLT with a RDF replacement for XPath
> (RPath?), you could even mix RDF with XML data sources. XSLT is a nice
> functional language, has good mindshare, and a lot of standardising work
> already done.

you might be interested in Tal4Rdf


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