Re: Owning URIs (Was: Yet Another LOD cloud browser)

Daniel Schwabe wrote:
> Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> Daniel Schwabe wrote:
>>> Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>>>> ...Sure, this is one of many. Even this one could have been much 
>>>> better, but after take 15, I decided to put it out :-)
>>>> I agree with your point above, and it is all about adding the 
>>>> "Find" function to the Web.  As you know, "Search" (Google et al.) 
>>>> and "Answers" (somewhat via WolframAlfa) exist, but neither 
>>>> delivers the "Find" function :-)
>>> Hmmm, what about the "Explore" button ;-) ?
>>> Cheers
>>> D
>> Daniel,
>> True! The bridge to serendipithia :-)
>> Yes, that is needed.
>> btw - shouldn't we all be able to put our heads together to fashion 
>> the key elements of any UA interacting with Linked Data ?
> I'd love to! My take - a real WORKshop or "camp" were we can play with 
> ideas and hopefully come up with sound, experience-based guidelines...
> Maybe we can do one around ISWC in Washington later this year, if not 
> sooner...
> Cheers
> D

Yes, a possibility for sure.

Danbri: have you had time to work on the generic faceted browsing spec 
we discussed a few weeks ago? Even a rough dump Wiki-style will do re. 
getting all interested parties engaged.



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