Re: Semweb version of EUROVOC?

Mondeca is today in charge with TenForce of the new version of the Eurovoc
Thesaurus Management system and publication systems for the European
Commission Publication Office.
The new version that should be soon released is conform to SKOS and skos
version in each language (26) will be directly available on the portal.
You might exchange directly with the person in charge of Eurovoc at European
Commission about your project : Christine Laboudie and tell her I gave you
her contact. Eurovoc is free but you need a license from the Publication
Office to use it.

As Mondeca will be happy to exchange on your project and give you return of
experience on Eurovoc project and on other legal taxonomies project we did
for companies as Lexis Nexis or Wolters Kluwer.

I send you directly Christine Laaboudie e-mail

Kind Regards

2009/5/26 Peter Krantz <>

> Hi!
> Eurovoc [1] is a multilingual thesaurus covering the fields in which
> the European Communities are active; it provides a means of indexing
> the documents in the documentation systems of the European
> institutions and elsewhere. As such it would make an excellent
> candidate to use in semantic web scenarios.
> I am the project manager for the national legal information system of
> Sweden. We are looking into possibilities of capturing keyword terms
> for e.g. a law and would like to recommend the use of a controlled
> vocabulary. As Eurovoc is translated into many languages a mapping
> from a member state law to eurovoc would enable retrieval of a law by
> e.g. the greek version of the term. Even if the law would be in
> Swedish it makes it possible to get information about the responsible
> government authority who could provide further assistance (the power
> of linked data).
> This could make it easier to develop the EU internal market in line
> with the Services directive [2].
> Does anyone here know if there is any work being done to provide
> Eurovoc in a proper format possible to use in semantic web scenarios
> (e.g. dereferencable URI:s for terms as SKOS)?
> Kind regards,
> Peter Krantz
> [1]:
> [2]:

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