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On Sun, May 17, 2009 at 4:21 PM, Sandro Hawke <> wrote:
> Yes, I thought it a little ironic that you, of all people, were being
> cast as a centralist.  (I'm sure no insult was intended by anyone, of

Referring to DBin i believe :-) thanks, nice memories. but that
experience did indeed help so much in making

> nature (as I understand it, at least), they are not complete, and will
> not be able to do one particular (important) thing I want.
> I'd like to be able to run queries like this: tell me all showings of
> Star Trek in Cambridge, MA, on 2009-05-17.  (I'm not talking about the
> natural language part of that; I just want to be able to run the SPARQL
> equivalent of that natural language query.)  And I really do want the
> answer to be complete; if a showing is missing from my result set,
> that's because that showing is not being properly published.  (Right

To ensure, it is our top priority to index as fast as possible and big
efforts are in place.

As i type my admin console tells me the current delay for indexing a
new "trackback" (ping) is

"This page is used in monitoring sindice search engine. While the page
is monitored it will send a ping to sindice about every 5 minutes.
This page contains a hcard containing the following unique token:
If the system is working correctly, you will find this page by
searching sindice for sindiggbbfhdai
Last updated in sindice: 2009.05.19 10:38:05 IST (13 minutes)"

These are on the days the wind blows the right way but should get
worse than 30 something (or its broken and should be fixed in a few
hours, automatic notifications and service agreement are in place to
the system administrators.

I *totally* agree we need to make this much more clear and visible in
the project and we will


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