Re: Owning URIs (Was: Yet Another LOD cloud browser)

On 18/05/2009 17:50, "Sherman Monroe" <> wrote:
> Type the 
> URL in the WWW browser, you get the thing being shared. Type the URI in the SW
> browser, you get the things people say about the thing.
I would not agree.
Type the URL into the WWW browser, and you get what the browser chooses to
show you.
Just the same as the SW/LD or whatever browser.

In fact, the WWW browser well may have done quite a lot of stuff and
accessed a bunch of other documents before deciding what it shows me and
how. And there are other applications that do fancy things with URLs before
showing me stuff.

Of course I can resolve either "WWW URLs" or "SW URIs" using lower level
GETs, but then the behaviour is pretty much the same.

So I don't think discussion of the behaviour of different people's concepts
of just what a SW browser might be/do sheds any light on ownership of URIs.


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