Re: Yet Another LOD cloud browser

> I was amazed in the many instances where I got better results from LOD
> dataspace than from Google/Technorati/Wikipedia. For example, searching
> Monopoly, then filtering to the *umbel-sc:MentalSituations* category gave me
> a nice (and in some cases humorous) list of Monopoly knock-offs. I tried

whats the URI to this query?

> finding such a list on the WWW with no
> luck<>.

monopoly inspired unofficial

worked for me. didnt require clientside JS, or hosting for a Virtuoso instance..

> Kingsley tells me that Entity Rank [4] has to do with this, but I wonder
> whether this quality will stick as the cloud increases.

thankfully Google has been optimizing for cloud size of 'the entire internet' (and including non-RDF resources) for about 12 years

i think the 'hard and fast, one solution only' is a problem with SPARQL. there was an interestring paper about using bloom filters from DERI at WWW2k9 or something, for 'approximate results'. not sure if it meshed w/ Bayes/Levenshtein et al

Received on Wednesday, 13 May 2009 19:47:50 UTC