Safe to use the colon character in the path segment of URL identifiers?


We are in the process of identifying legal information resources in
RDF. Each resource has a property that identifies it uniquely in this
domain of the form YYYY:NN (e.g. "2006:45"). We'd like to reuse this
property in the url-path segment when constructing URI:s for these
resources since the process and organization behind it guarantees its

According to RFC 1738 [1] the colon character is OK in the url-path,
but since it is one of the reserved characters for other segments I
guess there could be some libraries that erronously would escape it.

Has anyone on this list had any trouble with using the colon character
in URL identifiers in semweb (or other) toolsets?




Received on Monday, 4 May 2009 12:52:45 UTC