Semantic Web & the U.S. national dialogue

The U.S. federal government is seeking (for one day more) input on 
technology approaches for collecting, publishing, visualizing, and 
analyzing data related to the federal stimulus program (ARRA) and the Web site.

There are at least five idea submissions which people on this list might 
be interested in. I'd encourage anyone interested to take a look, 
comment, and rate the ideas that they support. I believe you need to 
register with a US zip code to comment & rate ideas.

* Collect & publish recovery data with Semantic Web technologies:

* Publish recovery data as Linked Open Data:

* Use semantic lenses to provide flexible, extensible visualizations of 
recovery data:

* Link and with semantic technologies:

* Create an iPhone-app-store-like environment to encourage small, 
targeted applications for consuming recovery data:


Received on Saturday, 2 May 2009 14:39:28 UTC