Re: Recipe for Shops: Showing up in Yahoo and in the Web of Data in One Turn

On 22.07.2009 14:52:05, Hugh Glaser wrote:
>On 22/07/2009 14:32, "Martin Hepp (UniBW)" <>
>> Benjamin Nowack wrote:
>>> Interesting. I guess this is another argument/example pro Hugh
>>> Glaser's idea of simply conflating resource IDs for the sake of
>>> "deployability". The example types <#business> as Vcard, Business
>>> and also as BusinessEntity which would usually be considered wrong
>>> RDF, but, as argued before, is more intuitive for HTML authors,
>>> especially if they found their way to the SemWeb through pragmatic
>>> solutions like microformats. We should really give this contextual
>>> semantics idea another thought.
>> Actually, I disagree completely.
>Actually, not sure I agree either :-)
heh, neither am I ;)
But if even RDFers get the semantics wrong or simply interpret a
non-exact schema individually for their personal use case, it just
shows that data consumers and app builders will have to go beyond 
strict RDF principles. Not necessarily an issue, just sayin' ;)


>Although being a little sloppy in the short term to "make the whole thing
>fly now" is not a bad attitude.
>"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."?

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