Re: Explicit RDF property for "literal has datatype D"?

Thanks Alan, I had made a mistake of not realising that the subject line 
did specify stuff about the property p.

Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
>> On Jul 6, 2009, at 1:48 PM, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>> I don't see any odd conclusions ... we have not said anything about the
>>> realtionship between the subject and object of a p triple, other than the
>>> usual they are related by the p-property.
> Yes, except isn't that exactly wrong? At least by the desired sense
> noted in the topic of the mail message "literal has datatype D".

This suggests that we should have been talking all along about the 
explicitly typed literal having datatype (or even just rdf:type) being D.

p a rdf:Property ;
rdfs:domain rdfs:Literal ;
rdfs:range rdfs:Datatype .
_:x p xsd:int .
_:x owl:sameAs  "2"^^xsd:int .

And possibly

p rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:type .


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