Re: Today's equivalent of CBD+URIQA? (was: Re: Schism in the Semantic Web community.)

On Tuesday 27 January 2009 13:16:49 Ivan Mikhailov wrote:
> The idea of CBD is not popular, too. But I've found that at least some
> people remember the acronym, and I've got even an enhancement request
> for configurable output of SPARQL DESCRIBE statement, to make it
> possible send a DESCRIBE ?x where {...} request with some special
> configuration preamble and get CBDs of all appropriate bindings of ?x.

/me raises hand. 

We have been using DESCRIBEs extensively in our applications, and we find it 
very useful.

I think it was a Good Thing that the first DAWG didn't overspecify DESCRIBE in 
SPARQL 1.0 before real use cases were known. Certainly, it would have been 
bad to specify CBD as the only valid way to return data from a DESCRIBE.

However, with current experience, we think that the DESCRIBE query form should 
be revisited, and we are of the opinion that even though one should be free 
to choose the output graph, we think that CBD would be an excellent candidate 
for a normatively defined default. We believe this would enhance 
interoperability at very little cost.

So, we plan to raise this issue within the DAWG II. :-)

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