Re: Schism in the Semantic Web community.

I think it's a bit odd  to require that all OWL producers and  
publishers publish in RDF/XML even when they can't (due to the  
property strings). I'm not even sure what this means. Or do you mean  
that they should not publish such data at all? Not even in Turtle, or  

I think that that would be bad policy and rightfully ignored. As a  
user I certainly wouldn't adhere to it, nor would I encourage other  
people to. As a tool builder, I certainly don't intend to reject  
legal Turtle or somehow refuse to load it unless there was also a  
supplied (presumably distorted) corresponding RDF/XML file.

Presumably we want to make it *easier* for people to publish the data  
they want in the way they want to!

Note that you can always publish in whatever you want. I know there  
are datasets that exist as nothing but NTriples. I'm sure many hand  
written Turtle examples are served only in Turtle. C'est la Web. If  
not strictly necessary, then that publisher is non-conforming with  
the OWL Spec. AFAIK, this is stronger than anything said in the RDF  
specs :)


Received on Friday, 30 January 2009 14:03:30 UTC