searching for content management system with semantic web 2.0 features

Hello Semantic-Web,

we are searching (for the for a CMS that 
supports semantic web 2.0 features, which we roughly define as:
* the typical CMS features of managing content, users, groups, access, 
rendering, site navigation, beautyful websites
* blogging
* wiki
* tagging
* RSS feeds
* bookmarklet & adding websites as content (= like features)
* full text indexing
* RDF support

And some good algorithms:
* social tagging recommendations (= based on your tags, you may be 
interested in...)
* semantic search (= taxonomies, multiple labels, query expansion)

for example, has all this.

Based on requirements from our funding project,
we are bound to chose a non-GPL (non-viral) license,
can you recommend a Semantic-Web friendly open source CMS system, 
preferably non-viral?

We looked around, but for example from the ~10 CMS (Apache/BSD lic) 
listed on, none have RDF or semantic search.

kind regards
Leo Sauermann

looking at the hundreds of CMS listed at, we 
know that many systems have some of the features,
due to resource restrictions, we cannot add too many features ourselves 
- so only CMS with at least 80% of the above features are interesting to us.

we prefer "true" open source systems with an open community,
the "company developed GPL CMS engine and all modules are commercial" 
approach is not so attractive.

DI Leo Sauermann 

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Received on Friday, 16 January 2009 10:29:32 UTC