Re: ANN: Tal4Rdf 0.1 (Template Language for RDF)

Olivier Rossel a écrit :
> you could add a processing instruction at the top of the RDF data,
> pointing at the stylesheet. just like XML/XSLT stuff.
> and let the processor of a semantic web browser ( such as
> ) do the client-side transformation on the fly ?

Indeed, that would be an interesting idea.
I have focused on the processing itself for the moment, rather than how
to automate it, but a directive alla XSLT sounds sensible.

> i would definitely like to add such a feature in Datao.
> contact me if you like that idea.

Tal4Rdf is currently implemented in python, while Datao is apparently
implemented in Java, so it would not be trivial right now...

However, I guess you can delegate the actual processing to the
HTTP-based service:



Received on Friday, 9 January 2009 12:33:20 UTC