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Re: [ontolog-forum] [uk-government-data-developers] OMG Issues RFP for Linking Architectures & Models with RDF Linked Open Data

From: Paola Di Maio <paola.dimaio@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 01:12:20 +0100
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I have no problem admitting partial knowledge (ignorance, as you prefer to
read it), I stated clearly at the top of my post
that what I said represents a point of view from where I stand (external

 (while it looks that you assert having absolute knowledge of all the
relevant facts, and the exclusive
right to their interpretation? uhm...)

I was referring to Pat's initial statement somewhere ' I am mr logic (one of
the logic guys) ....and I am partially responsible
for some of the decisions made'

Not only it was good to see Pat speak live even if I only got half way
through the recording (only just read text from him before) but also to hear
the critical hindsights (we should have done some stuff differently etc) -
it was rather refreshing to hear

I admit I was expecting to read some blog posts with headlines

''Pat Hayes tells 'how got the semantic web wrong' '' but havent seen any
yet (gotta write one myself perhaps)

I plan to view the rest of the talk when I get the time, and surely learn
lots from it

Of course he may have said throughout the years many of the things in his
talk (and probably many others that were not in the talk?)
- as may have other people who have not given a keynote, or  have since
given up putting forward their thoughts, etc

Not at all  detracting from  of his (or anybody else's) essential and valid
contributions made to RDF and OWL to date, (kudos for all the clever work
done) rather suggesting that a fresh look at where we are and valuing
different perspectives (or maybe have  different disciplinary backgrounds)
may help to expose and bridge some of the weaknesses in the state of the
art, and reducing the risk of making the same mistakes.

I hope you will not disagree  that further developments will benefit from
different approaches to sw challenges ,  provided people are not too
intimidated into sharing their views, (get bullied, called ignorant, you
know what I mean)

 I agree my post can be off the cuff though (hopefully Pat  being big  had a

Apologies if having different view of reality (or a different set of facts,
or interpretation thereof etc) is considered as an insult,
It may well work somewhere,  but surely not in most civilized arenas

and may well put some people off who would otherwise contribute to discourse
with solutions to the problems at hand that others may have not thought of
so far?


  You obviously have no idea what Pat's views are and no idea of the history
of his involvement with OWL and RDF.  In point of fact, Pat has been saying
the things he said in his keynote for many years and, indeed, was urging
many of the points he makes there during the development of both OWL and

> Clueless, fact-free potshots like this may work in the political arena but
> they won't work here.
> Chris Menzel
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Paola Di Maio
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein
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