Linking non-RDF resources to the content they contain

Hello, list!

I'm working on a custom web crawler that uses the "HTTP in RDF"
vocabulary <> as its output format.

I have a question:  Suppose I download a file from
<>.  It's not an RDF resource, just some
file of arbitrary bytes.  Using the HTTP in RDF vocab, I get something
like this:

<:response1> a <http:Response>;
        http:body <:body1> .
<:body1> a <cnt:Base64> ;
        cnt:bytes "qouh3908t38hohfrf..."^^xsd:base64Binary .

Now suppose I want to refer to the content of that file as a resource.
 Which would be more correct:
1. To define a new property, like <>
hasContent <:body1>
2. To equate the two resources, like <>
owl:sameAs <:body1>

The latter seems more logical to me, but is a resource "the same as"
its content?

Stuart Sierra

Received on Friday, 7 November 2008 16:52:44 UTC