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On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 6:17 PM, John Graybeal <> wrote:

> On Nov 3, 2008, at 12:21 AM, Michael F Uschold wrote:
> Humans don't create or read UIDs, machines do. Tools and names can be used
>> to have the user see whatever you want them to see.  This scheme gives the
>> advantaage you want w/o minting new URIs for the same thing.
> Well, this is probably the nub of the different choices.  In the domain I
> work in, humans -- often assisted by machines, often not -- create the vast
> majority of both UIDs and URIs, and there are precious few tools and systems
> supporting the former. (By 'supporting' I mean creating the association
> between the human-centric data that keys the UID, and always providing the
> right human-centric data whenever the UID surfaces.)

Agreed, and this is what needs to change.

> In marine science at least, this is just Not Going To Happen in any
> pervasive way for quite a while.

For social or technical reasons? IF teh latter, are teh tecnical reasons
fundamental and not going to change, or can technology evolve to improve
things? What if the standard tools did it for you, would there still be

> So if I want human acceptance of semantics now, regretfully, I'm going to
> have to conflate.

> In each of our cases, we will be spending time trying to make this work.
> Along those lines, I will be thinking very hard about how to avoid the
> creation of semantically duplicate URIs in our system -- I welcome lobbying
> (either way) from others regarding the value of this. (I can summarize
> off-list comments.)  Also I look forward to the paper, I am sure I will
> learn from it.  Thanks.
> John

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