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Greeets all

Last November we had a nice f-2-f in Busan, Korea,
Nothing really happened after that as such afaik, but it was good to meet people, and to hear all the issues and angles that come up

Soemone (Tom?) mentioned 'sig-chi florence 2008' as a possible follow up
I did not manage to submit a paper, but I will be attending the
conference in Florence as analyst.

Anyone in this community who would like to hook up in Florence either just to chat or to set up a scheme of sorts for this community,  I look forward to be meeting up again...


Paola Di Maio

                        FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS
Semantic Web User Interaction: Exploring HCI Challenges at CHI 2008.
Florence, Italy.  April 5, 2008.
Papers due: 14th December, 2007
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