Re: Query: Semantic Web Alignment with the Underlying Security Infrastructure

> While low-level protective infrastructure such as firewalls do not solve 
> all security issues in regard to Semantic Web applications, I believe they 
> have a role to play in applying the belt-and-braces approach to security 
> best practices.
> comments?

all well and good, but if the semantic web even exists yet isnt actually web-like and distributed at the moment, and wont be until NAT goes away, and IP decouples its location from its identity functionality, ie HIP or something along that line. so the end users of this first generation silo'd (google/twined/yahood) semantic web dont have to think about firewalls, as their machine isnt even connectible or serving anything to begin with.

> I have been searching earnestly for concrete documentation and publications 
> of the ongoing importance of firewalls in relation to the Semantic Web 
> paradigm but to no avail.

because basically 3 employees at Google, Twine, Metaweb handle this, and are too busy doing their jobs to write papers on it (plus most of it is custom-infrastructure specific and not really interesting/useful to document outside that context)

> Anxiously awaiting your comments and pointers regarding the role of 
> existing security infrastructure (firewalls in particular) in regard to the 
> Semantic Web.
> regards,
> Will.

Received on Wednesday, 26 March 2008 19:17:58 UTC