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is this valid to make a named graph in RDFa?

From: Golda Velez <gv@btucson.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 12:21:27 -0700
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Cc: ben@adida.net, michael.hausenblas@joanneum.at
Message-Id: <200803041221.28201.gv@btucson.com>

Hello all

I had a conversation with Eric Neumann of the MIT Simile project, which I left 
with the (possibly erroneous) impression that I could do this:  (if its 
wrong, blame me and not Eric!  We talked in general terms, not this specific)

<html xmlns:cal="http://www.w3.org/202/12/cal/ical#'

<span id="tucsonrodeo08" about="#tucsonrodeo08">	  
	<span property="cal:summary">
		bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing and other fun cowboy stuff
	<span property="cal:dtstart" content="20080222T1300+0200">
		you missed it - it was Feb 22-25 2008
	<span id="opinion1" property="tdl:Post">
		no animals were harmed in this rodeo

<span about="#opinion1">
	<span id="opinion2" property="tdl:discusses">  
		I was at the rodeo 2/23/08 and did not see any animals harmed, though the 
goat used in the kid section at 2PM was thrown down pretty hard a few times. 
		<!-- this observation itself could be more structured, but that's not the 
point here -->


If we use some kind of modified n3 notation is this what we get?  (for the 
discussion part)

@prefix : <the address of the page containing the above>

#opinion1: #tucsonrodeo08 tdl:Post "the rodeo..."

#opinion2: #opinion1 tdl:discusses "I was at..."

I realize that you could already use TDL notation to have a threaded 
discussion, but it seems to me that by being able to refer precisely to a 
specific RDF statement that then adds the ability to relate this discussion 
to other structured data (the rodeo that occurred on Feb 23 at a specific 

The general idea of whether animals are hamed at rodeos can lead to endless 
general discussion. But being able to tie specific instances to the 
discussion in a machine-readable way may make the discussions more useful for 
later analysis of the subject.  This same type of discussions tied to 
specific events and testimony would be useful in the medical field and 

Does this make any sense at all?  Is the use of RDFa in this way with id= 
properties functioning as the name of the assertion valid?



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